Štefan Britvík: klarinet (umělecký vedoucí)
Miloš Bydžovský: klarinet
Petr Němeček: fagot

A big mutual interest in chamber music brought these three musicians tohether to found the “Prague Mozart Trio” ensemble. Their repertoire includes all the works by old Czech masters – compositors (F. Alexius, V. Nudera among others). Also, the ensemble expanded to perform top wind pieces for trios (two clarinets and one bassoon) written by world famous composers such as W.A. Mozart and L. van Beethoven. Mozarts? divertimentos form the basis of the ensemle?s repertoire and they motivate the ensemble to search for compositions of old masters, too. As for its musical interpretation, the “Prague Mozart Trio” makes full use of present day instrumental possibilities. This creates a unigue character, which enables special dynamic nuances and perfect sound continuity. Compositions of this type of musical formation are technically demanding, often close to virtuosity, demonstrating the high standards of both the compositions and the virtuosity of the “Prague Mozart Trio”. The ensemble also started collaborating with Czech contemporary composers and the “Prague Mozart Trio” has their pieces in its repertoire.