Štefan Britvík: clarinet (art leader)

Born: 7.12.1955, Bruntál

He studied clarinet and music conduction in the Conservatory of Prague. As clarinetist he devotes to chamber music. Since the time of his studies he has been actively involved in systematic searching for orchestral and vocal compositions in musical archives and is engaged in preparing these archival pieces for concert presentation. Since the foundation of the chamber ensemble “Prague Mozart Trio” in 1991 he has also actively worked at the searching and concert- preparing of the archival pieces for this music formation (two clarinets and one bassoon). At the moment he is the chief conductor and art leader of the orchestra “Symphony Prague“ and choir-master of the Czech Radio Choir, which also plays big importance in his engagement in classical music.


Miloš Bydžovský: clarinet


Born: 2.11. 1972

He completed his studies in the Conservatory in Prague and afterwards he continued his studies at The Academy of Musical Art in Prague. Since the time of his studies he has presented as a solo musician . In 1991 he won the first prize in the international competition called „Concertino Prague“. He plays the first clarinet and solo clarinet in the The Prague Opera Orchestra of the National Theatre.


Petr Němeček: bassoonNarozen: 28.5.1976, Česká Lípa

In 1991 he started his studies in the Conservatory of Prague by professor Formáček and completed his studies in 1997. Between 1998 – 2003 he went to university, the Academy of Musical Art in Prague , where he was a student of professor Hermann and professor Seidl. In 2000 he won the international bassoon competition in Olomouc (the Czech Republic). In years 1996 and 2002 he took part in the international competition “Prague Spring” (in 2002 he accomplished the second round). A very important year in his musical carreer was year 2000, in which he became a member of Prague Symphony Orchestra. Since then he has played bassoon in this orchestra.